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Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation is one of the newest trends in automotive maintenance. No, this isn't a gimmick. This simple and inexpensive alternative to standard air inflation provides considerable benefits for your vehicle. Nitrogen inflation machines have been cost prohibitive that only Airlines, NASA, Military and other large budgeted organizations have been to acquire these machines...until now!

Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas used for years nationwide to inflate race car tires, commercial airline tires, off-road truck tires, the U.S. Space Shuttle tires, and U.S. military vehicle tires. Nitrogen can actually be used to put out fire as it contains no oxygen.

Regular Air is a sponge. Air is capable of holding a considerable amount of water vapor. When air is squeezed it has less ability to hold water vapor, so some water molecules clump together and form droplets, which is known as condensation.

Potomac Nitrogen Tire Inflation, Rockville, MD 20851

Tires filled with nitrogen perform better, last longer, and function with a greater degree of reliability than tires inflated with standard air. Also ideal for cars that are not driven often.

Potomac Nitro Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Driver Observations

  • Tires are Quieter Feel More Solid & Responsive
  • Road Bumps Feel Muted
  • Improved Braking
  • Improved Road Tracking
  • Tires run Cooler & Faster
  • Nitrogen Is Safe
    Nitrogen is a completely safe, non-flammable, inert gas and can be used to put out fire.

    Better Fuel Mileage
    With improved tire inflation comes improved gas mileage. You can save as much as five percent of your gas expenses when your tires are filled with nitrogen.

    Longer Tire Life
    Oxygen is your tire's worst enemy. It causes oxidation of the rubber in the tire and slowly weakens the tread, referred to as "fatigue" or "aging." Because nitrogen is a clean, moisture-free gas, it slows down internal tire oxidation, which slows down the aging process of your tires, allowing them to perform at optimum levels longer.

    Enhanced Performance
    Nitrogen helps maintain proper tire inflation, allowing your tires to run cooler. This increases tread life, the tires roll will better grip and you will gain better control of your vehicle.

    Simple and Affordable
    It's easy to fill your tires with nitrogen. Simply complete this form for an appointment or call 301-332-1763 and ask for an appointment to have your tires re-inflated with nitrogen. The cost for 4 tires is $20.00 You will enjoy fuel savings and performance enhancements with properly inflated, nitrogen-filled tires. Our system will double purge & fill up to 4 tires simultaneously and takes about 10 minutes per cycle.

    Potomac Nitro Nitrogen Tire Inflation NITROGEN FACTS
  • Reduces the number of faults detected by the TPMS
  • Nitrogen helps maintain proper tire pressure longer
  • Nitrogen is non-flammable and non-corrosive, as opposed to oxygen
  • Nitrogen can be used to put out fire
  • Nitrogen molecules leak through tire walls more slowly than regular air because they are larger than oxygen molecules.

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